Da molti anni Top Glass sostiene la CLINICA di Meky ad ALEMTEMA, ETHIOPIA.

Il nostro aiuto contribuisce a migliorare la qualità e l' accesso ai servizi di salute e nutrizione dando la possibilità alla popolazione di fruire di cure adeguate.

Il programma include esami di laboratorio, distribuzione di farmaci, vaccinazioni, programmi di prevenzione alla tubercolosi e di aiuto alimentare per bambini malnutriti.

Se vuoi sostenere anche tu il progetto fai una donazione! Le coordinate bancarie sono le seguenti:

Beneficiary Name: Society of Missionary Sisters, Servants of Holy Spirit
Bank: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
Account: 0172425931700
Bank Address: Addis Abeba Branch
Email: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia International Banking Division P.O.Box 255, Addis Abeba , Ethiopia
Swift Code: CBETETAA
Purpose of Payment: Donation for the support of Meky had Alentema

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MEKI in Alemtema, Ethiopia

MEKI in Alemtema, Ethiopia


April, 2017 - Last letter received from Clinic of Meky in Alemtema, Ethiopia.

Dear Mr. Alfonso and Family, Warm greetings from Ethiopia and heartfelt thank you for your continuous support for Alem Tena clinic.

I always hope that one day you will come to visit us and enjoy the improvement of health services that we were able to bring about thanks to your help.
This improvement includes both – the facility and education of our staff.
I would like to thank each one of you on behave of our beneficiaries for your constant prayer and financial support we always received.
With your generous support we continue to serve 25,117 people giving them good quality of preventive and curative service in our Medium Clinic and villages around. I would like to share with you a little bit from our life’s beauties and challenges. This year we were blessed with rain so it is still green everywhere, but rain season is finished now and harvesting time start. In this time from January to November 2016 we experience many challenges, as mention before. One of them is outbreak of Cholera in our neighbourhood area, especially in 6 villages belonging to our Clinic. Only in this places 12 people died because of this sickness including children and breast feeding mothers.
Probably you heard in the news about some tribes problems in Ethiopia especially in our region. This also brought some divisions and problems amongst our people. A lot of innocent people suffer because of the hatred and lack of love shown in damage and destroying of the houses, burning all the fields ready for harvest and forcing people of another tribe to move from the place.
With solidarity and loving care for the people leaving with HIV/AIDS we celebrated on 1st December the International Day of People Living with HIV/AIDS. Many of them are always waiting for this celebration, which brings as together and make as one family sharing the stragglings and joys of our life.
Our Medium Clinic staff prepared whole day program including the table of spiritual input as well as health education and of course the table of food and cup of coffee.
The children from our Elementary School with their smiling faces always bring for us joyful singing and dancing. The people are also receiving some food (“teff” to make enjera, their main food and wheat to make bread) during the whole year, because some of them are not able to work. Some days they feel well and another days they are very weak.
Now I am writing some of our activities performed in this 11 past months:
• 6,980 patient received professional treatment and medication,
• 1,317 Children <1 year old were vaccinated together with outreach stations,
• 1,977sick children were treated for many sicknesses, in this time namely diarrhoea, vomiting , malnutrition ,fewer and respiratory truck infection,
• 3,005 children <5 years old attended growth monitoring program
• 1,441 women attended Antenatal Care program with free of charge medicines and vitamins for anaemia and all of them received TT vaccine
• 138 patients got VCT service with 3 positive cases
• 1,098 patient received PICT test
• Health education sessions were given to 5,749 patients and their families
• We provides 24 ours delivery service and PNC

Once more I THANK YOU for your generous heart and for reaching out to our people especially the poor and marginalized.
Let us make wider the circle of joy and kind heartedness. You are constantly in my prayer and my heart.
With best regards
Sr.Fabiola Lech,SspS